Fire alarm and Detection Panel

SILITRONIX manufactures Slim & Most Compact Micro Controller Based "Fire Detection & Alarm Systems "from 1 zone To 16 Zones in the Same Model using Scanning Multiplex

Technical Specifications of Microcontroller Based Fire Alarm Panel:

Digital Display : Total six digital displays are provided to display

  • Left side two digit are provided to show Zone Number - 0 To 16.
  • Right side Four digit will display Status of Fault of Each Zone as
Key Board : Five Keys are provided for easy & friendly Operations.
1. Function Key : It is used to select four different Functions / Operations as

  • Selection of Maximum Zone Operation ranging 1 To 16 Nos.
  • Time Delay between two Zone display ranging 2 To 9 Second.
  • Scanning On / Hold selection. If Hold function is Selected, then select Zone No. which will continuously showing that Selected Zone No. with Its Fault Status.
  • By this, Buzzer Operation is selected – Continuously ON in case of any "Fault " in any Zone or Buzzer ON while that Faulty Zone No. display.
2. Up / Down Key : By means of this Key operation, channel No., Time Delay etc can be change.

3. Enter Key : By means of this key, any data / parameter which is selected is saved.

4. Buzzer Acknowledgement : If any "Fault" occurs in any of the Zone, Buzzer will ON. This Buzzer can be "Silent "by pressing this key.

5. Systems Reset Key : By means of this key, Microcontroller will be reset and start fresh operation. This Key is useful when system operation is Hang up.

Fault LED Indications:

As per Number of Zone of the Panel, Multi Colored LED are provided, that particular Zone LED will be ON with Flashing in case of some fault in any Zone. In normal case all LED will be OFF.

  • FIRE: Red Color LED Glow with Flashing of that particular Zone where Fire is detected.
  • OPEN: Green Color LED Glow with Flashing of that particular Zone where detector wire is Open.
  • SHORT: Blue Color LED Glow with Flashing of that particular Zone where detector wire is short.
  • Healthy On: This red LED will continuously glow in case of healthy condition. If any fault happens in any of Zone, it will off.
Features :

  • SILITRONIX can cater Excellent & Intelligent features & Facility to varied needs of valued Customers on demand.
  • In case of some emergency / fire , automatic Telephone dialing system at selected number will be provided On demand.
  • Key Board "Password" facility will be provided on Demand for security purpose.

Applications : SILITRONIX Fire Detection & Alarm Panels can be Useful at many Public / Private Places like High Rise Buildings use as office Complex, Residence Complex, Multiplex Theaters and Shopping Mole etc. where FIRE PROTECTION is required.

  • A Hotel to A Godown
  • A Bank to A Factory
  • Power Station to A Refinery
  • A Record Room to A Library
  • A Computer Center to A Telephone Exchange
  • And Many Many other Public Dealing Buildings & Premises

SILITRONIX also manufactures other Fire / Emergency Alarm System Related Items as under.

Hooters : It is a wall Mounting Type solid state Audio alarm System. There are two types of Hooters available.
  • Speaker Based wall mounting type cabinet with inbuilt Electronic circuit. It Operates from 24 V D.C. with Vouling type Sound. It creates more than 60 DB Sound.
  • Horn Based wall mounting type with Tilting Clamp, By which you can set the direction of Sound. Its Operating voltage is 15 V to 20 V D.C. It generates Vouling type Sound which can be listen far more than 100 Feet.
Manual Call Point : It is a wall Mounting Type Break Glass Instrument. If its glass is break. It sends a signal to the panel to actuate an alarm Circuit in the Panel & two Red color LEDs glow on this box.

Response Indicator : It is a wall mounting Device having Two LEDs. When It gets signal from Detector, this Two LEDs start to glow. It operates from 24 V D.C

Fire Alarm Panel

Emergency Fire Alarm Panel


Horn Type Hooter