Digital Indicator

We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of Digital indicator controllers that are made from premium quality materials which offer durability and strength to the structure of our indicators. Our indicators are designed as per the latest designs and technology which gives us a healthy advantage over our rivals. The wide range and multiple applications of our controllers have made us the prime digital indicator controllers manufacturer and supplier from Gujarat.

List of Products

  • RPM Meter
  • DC Volt Meter
  • AC Volt Meter
  • DC Amp. Meter
  • AC Amp. Meter
  • Digital Frequency Meter
  • Digital Conductivity Monitor
  • Digital Temperature Indicator
  • Digital Battery Voltmeter
  • Digital Process Indicators

We manufacture different types of Digital Indicators. They are most accurate, reliable with best linearity. They are available as Digital Panel Meters (DPM) listed as under.

  • Digital A.C. Voltmeter : Input Signal 230 V, 415 V A.C. (0 To 500 V A.C.)
  • Digital A.C. Amp. Meter : Input Signal by CT (X amp X 5Amp.) Inbuilt Shunt for 0 to10 Amp. Only
  • Digital D.C. Voltmeter : Input Signal 0 To 500 V D.C.
  • Digital D.C. Amp. Meter : Input Signal D.C. SHUNT (X Amp. X 75mV), Inbuilt Shunt for 0 to10 Amp. Only.
  • Digital Mains Input Frequency Meter : Range: 45.00 Hz To 55.00 Hz.
  • Digital Battery Voltmeter : Operating from Battery Supply. (10 V to 30 V D.C.)

We also manufacture Industrial different types of Digital Indicators with different Input Signals. They are listed as under.

  • Digital RPM Meter : With Input -- 0 To 10 V D.C., 4 To 20 mA.
  • Digital Frequency Meter : Range 0 To 20 K Hz.
  • Digital Process Indicators : With input Signal 0 To 10 V D.C., 4 To 20 mA.
  • Digital Conductivity Monitor : With Conductivity Sensor.
  • Digital Temperature Indicator : With Input RTD – PT-100 Sensor, 4 to 20 mA.

These all products are available in Panel Door Mounted DIN Rail type ABS plastic cabinets

  • 48 X 96 X 65 mm
  • 96 X 96 X 110 mm

These all products are available with Input Supply as

  • 230 V A.C.
  • 415 V A.C.
  • 48V D.C. (For D.C. Volt & Amp. Meter) – Telephone Exchange Application.


      Sturdy Structure
      Latest Design
      Advanced Technology
      Multiple applications
Applications :

      Water Treatment
      Control Panels
      Water plants
      Power Plants
      Storage Houses

RPM Meter

AC Amp Meter

DC Voltmeter

Volt Meter