Battery Load Tester
Newly Introduce Microcontroller Based Technology

We make available Battery Load Tester with Latest Microcontroller Based technology, which is used for testing battery's power capacity at manufacturing end or battery charging station. Battery Load Tester is available for Battery with capacity range from 2.5 AH To 220 AH by means of different Models. We are one of the most prominent Battery Load Testers Manufacturers and Suppliers of based in India.

Features :

  • Wide Applicability : Battery Load Testers are used in different applications like battery manufacturing units, battery dealers, battery charging stations and many more.
  • LED Indicator : We offer our battery load testers with LEDs in four attractive and vibrant colors which indicate the precise status of the battery Voltage before test ,during test and Remember / save last Battery Voltage & Battery Status continuously display after the load test till nest test.
  • A 4 Digit red LED digital display read out of battery voltage & Battery Status as
    During Load Test is provided.
  • Capacity Range : Our load battery testers are available in three different Models capacities to suit needs and requirements of our clients. In each Model the capability of Battery under Test is describe as under.

Technical Specifications : Model : BLT / 300, BLT / 301, BLT / 400

Model Number Battery Capacity Under Test in AH
Selector Position
1 2 3 4
BLT / 300 2.5 AH 4.0 / 5.0 AH 7.0 AH / 9.0 AH --
BLT / 301 2.5 AH 4.0 / 5.0 AH 7.0 AH / 9.0 AH 12.0 AH To 26.0 AH
BLT / 400 30 AH To 35 AH 40 AH To 60 AH 75 AH To 110 AH 120 AH To 220AH

Salient Features :

  • Selector Switch : Three & Four Selections are offered to select Battery capacity in AH under Test.
  • Input Supply : It is a Self Powered Equipment useful for single 12 V Battery. Its Operating Voltage is 8.0 V to 14.5 D. C.
  • Digital Display : A 4 Digit Red LED Digital Display Continuously show Battery Voltage with Two digit decimal Point accuracy before, during & after Load Test. It also flashes Battery status as: Good, Lo, Bad in alphanumeric along with Battery Voltage during the Test. After completion of Battery test, Last Battery Voltage & its Last Status, Good, Lo , Bad will be Save / Remember & Display Continuously till next test.
  • LED Annunciation : Four Different Colored LED Annunciators are provided showing continues Battery' Status before, during & after Load Test.
  • RED - BLUE LED ON : During Battery Test time it will Flash with Red & Blue Color.
  • GREEN LED Annunciator ON : In case of Battery's Voltage is 12 V to 9.5 V D.C. Called Battery is O.K. "Healthy ".
  • BLUE LED Annunciator ON : In case of Battery's Voltage is 9.5 V to 8.5 V D.C. Called Battery is - "Weak "still to be Charged.
  • RED LED Annunciator ON : In case of Battery's Voltage is Bellow 8.5 V D.C. Called Battery is "Bad " -- failed , to be replace by new Battery.
  • YELLOW LED Annunciator ON : If Battery terminals are connected Reverse Called "Battery Reverse Polarity ".
  • A Handy Powder Coated Cabinet with Full Ventilation along with FAN at top side is provided to cool down internal Heater coil to Extend Instrument Life.
  • In Model : BLT / 400, in both Crocodiles at Top side two 2.5 mm thick Copper Plates are fitted to Grip battery terminals, so as Copper Plates will carry total Load Current & Crocodile Spring will not heated up. So it will extend grip & its Life.

Operation : A Battery under Test is connected to Load Tester Crocodile with Correct Polarity. A "Press to Test "Push button is provided. As soon as it is pressed 6 Second Timer start, during this time Red - Blue LED is flashing. A 4 Digit Display will show Battery Voltage & Battery Status Good, Lo, Bad in Flashing Mode & also Glowing appropriate LED Annunciator during Test. Last Battery Voltage & its Status on LED will be Save & display continuously till new test.

Cabinet : A Table Top Handy Portable Tilted Powder Coated CRCA cabinet with Full Ventilation and a Fan at Top roof inside to dissipate heat generated in Heater Coil.