Battery Plate Curing Controlling System

Silitronix manufactured this product very useful for Battery Manufacturers. A care is taken to withstand Acidic Environment. Battery Plat Curing process required two controlled Parameters

1. Temperature of Battery Plate Curing Chamber.
2. Moisture of Battery Plate Curing Chamber.

This System is manufactured under two divisions.

1. Heater & Fan Enclosure.
2. Heater & Fan Control Panel.

Heater & Fan Enclosure :

It is manufacture form SS304 which can withstand in Acidic Environment against Corrosive. It is Wall mounting type Enclosure includes following items.

  • Appropriate capacity of Heater is incapsul in SS304 Spiral Pipe.
  • 230 V Fan is Mounted behind Heater to Blow hot air in the Plate curing chamber. It is always On during Heater ON.
  • A Temperature Sensor is mounted at the bottom of this Cabinet to readout Chamber Temperature.

Heater Control Panel :

It is a wall mounted type control panel. It includes

  • Digital Temperature Controller.
  • Heater Control Contactor.
  • Input Power ON / OFF DP MCB.
  • Lamp Indicator for Input Mains ON & Heater ON.
  • Fan ON / OFF Selector.