Digital & Analog Timers

We manufactures Different Types of Analog & Digital Timers for different kinds of Industries & there applications.


We manufactures Micro Controller based Digital Timers with Up Time Count facility, most Sturdy, accurate & reliable in industrial Envourment. It is available in Panel Door Mounting type 96 X 96 mm DIN standard ABS Plastic Cabinet. Two set of control contacts are provided.

Two types of Operational Timers are available.

  • Single Set Time by 3 Digit Thumbwheel switches.
  • Two Set Time by 3 digit thumbwheel switch. Two individual relay control contact provided for Set Time -1 & Set Time – 2.

Its operation is available with different way.

  • By start / Stop Push Button
  • During Mains ON

Time Range also available as

  • 0 To 99.0 Second
  • 0 To 999 Second

Analog Timers :

We manufacture this timer with most rigid, reliable & repeat accuracy. It is available in chassis mounted DIN Rail ABS plastic cabinet with Top facing 12 way screw terminals.

We supply with different operations as

  • Delay ON type
  • Delay OFF type
  • Cyclic type
  • Diesel Engine Cranking Timer

Above all types of timers available with wide range of input supply as

  • 110V, 230V, 440V A.C.
  • 12V, 24V, 110V D.C.

In Delay ON / OFF model, Different standard Time range available as

  • 0 To 10 Second.
  • 0 To 30 Second.
  • 0 To 60 Second.

Digital Timer Dual

Digital Timer Sigle

Delay ON OFF Timer

Cyclic Timer